Keith Tynes is an expressive singer who uses music as a language to express spirit and emotion. He
combines his own unique style and technique to create a special atmosphere of closeness with his

Keith Tynes was born in Miami Beach, where he received his first voice lessons at the age of 12. In
1976, he graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Music degree, and received further
vocal training from Lina Maddaford. While studying at the University Mr. Tynes performed with The
Greater Miami Opera Guild and The Miami Beach Symphony, as well as directing several church
choirs and performing in Miami’s nightclubs.

In June of 1979 Keith Tynes settled in New York City, where he performed in the musical “A New York
Summer” at Radio City Music hall, the largest theatre in the United States. This show was seen by
more than 5,000 spectators, daily.

In 1980, Mr. Tynes continued his success as he toured in the U.S. for nearly one year as a member of
the New York cast of the Broadway Show “Showboat”. In the same year, Keith Tynes had his first performance in Europe, concerting at the “Queen Alexandra House” in London, England. There, he was honored as a brilliant, young talent from America.

From 1981 – 1985, he toured around the world as a member of the well-known group
“The Platters”. After performances with “The Band of Gold”, Keith Tynes continued his solo career,
presenting concerts throughout Europe and the United States.

In May of 1985, Mr. Tynes presented his own one man show at the “Kleine Komedie Theater” in
Amsterdam, with Donna Lynton as his guest star. In both 1985 and 1986 he appeared as guest star
for “The Miss Switzerland Beauty Contest”. This sparked numerous appearances in Switzerland’s best
hotels and ski resorts, Davos, St. Moritz, Gstaad, to name a few.

Keith produced his first single, “Where are Those old Melodies” in October 1986. He also recorded as
a Jazz singer with “The Chicago New World Symphony”, during which, he worked with some of
Europe’s and America’s most talented songwriters and producers.

In the summer of 1987, he toured in Cypress with Gloria Gaynor, queen of disco.
In 1989 and 1991 Keith Tynes had big success giving a guest performance as one of the main actors
of the Broadway Show Revue’s “One Night On Broadway” and “Broadway! Broadway!” in Germany
and Switzerland, respectfully.

1993 Keith Tynes continued his career with his own gospel tour in Germany, The Netherlands, Austria
and Switzerland which has been a success for 12 years, and continued to be today. This tour yielded
four wonderful self-produced CD’s:
“Keith Tynes, Live” (1993),
“Go Tell It On The Mountain” (1994),
“The Message is Love” (1997), Named after the title song written by Keith Tynes,
and “I Believe” (1999).

Together with Germany's Broadway Musicial Star, Angelika Milster, and soloists of "Theater des
Westens”, Berlin, Keith Tynes presented a benefit concert for "Human Leben mit Aids e.V.“ (Humans
Living With Aids), and was rewarded with an endless standing ovation.

In September 1995, Keith Tynes was invited to Singapore where he performed for the President of
Singapore and his wife, who were both fascinated by this soulful singer.

In Amsterdam, 1998, Keith performed with the Weather Girls at an Open Air concert on Dam Square
for an audience of over 30,000 spectators. This was a highlight for Mr. Tynes, as the legendary Izora
Armstead of the Weather Girls, (now deceased) was a dear friend of his. We salute Izora!

Mr. Tynes was invited to concertize in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa in October 1999,
where he was recognized by thousands of South Africans as a super-gifted performer. In March 2000,
he presented two benefit concerts for the organization, “Reach For A Dream” to support the children
living in the streets of South Africa.

Successful appearances in Berlin’s nightclubs in November 2000 with his new soul and pop program
proved his multi-faceted talent. It was shortly thereafter, that he began performing at jazz festivals,
such as The Köpenicker Jazz Festival, (with "The Berlin Black Blues Connection" and "The Six Soulful
Tenors"), and featured gospel artist at "Jazz Festival Munster" in France, 2003.
As guest singer at the excellent gospel project, „Jazz Goes Gospel“, presented by his sister, Jocelyn
B. Smith in February 2001, Keith received a roaring applause from the audience of over 2,000

In December 2002, Keith founded the Keith Tynes Band, a formation with 12 musicians, including
backing vocals and a horn section, which one are now, one of the best in Berlin. They perform
frequently at galas throughout Germany, and are presently branching out to other countries.
Governor Roland Koch invited Mr. Tynes to perform at the Hessian Summer Ball in Berlin in July 2003.
Performing together with actress/singer/Broadway Star Queen Yahna, the audience was mesmerized.

In December 2004, Keith Tynes and his gospel choir filled the “Berliner Dom” with over 1500
enthusiastic spectators celebrating Christmas with soul and gospel music. It was the first time that
such a concert was presented in The Berlin Dom Church and will be remembered as a historical

In December 2006, Keith performed with Nina Hagen and German pop group "Melrose" as guest star
in a benefit concert for "Charity 4 Peace". The audience of over 4,000 in attendance rewarded him
with resounding applause and a standing ovation.

The Miss Germany Beauty Pageant Organization honored Mr. Tynes by asking him to perform, and
to participate as part of the jury, in selecting Miss Germany 2007, which was held in Hurghada, Egypt.
Mr. Tynes 'wowed' the audience with his performance, as he inspired the audience to get out of their
seats and dance--some of the guests even joined him on stage, making this event an evening that will
long be remembered.

Mr. Tynes performed with his 11 man band as headliner at the Berlinale/Teddy Award Ceremony. With
over 2,500 in attendance, the listeners were again moved to their feet for ovations, and dancing to the
rhythm of his first class band.

In April 2007, Keith could be heard on every television station in German and Austria as the vocalist
who sang "You'll Never Walk Alone" for the new Suzuki Swift car. The commercial song was so
successful that was later released as a single.

“Miss Intercontinental 2008” on the Seychelles as well as for the election of “The Top Model of the
World” in Egypt Keith Tynes was asked to perform and to moderate the shows. His charm and voice
thrilled the audience as well as the jury of these evenings.
As well in 2009 Keith was asked to be a jury member for the election of the Miss Intercontinental in
Minsk (Belarus). Invited to the president ball Lukaschenkos, Keith was honored as a guest singer with
resounding applause.

As a member of the background choir of the legendary Stevie Wonder sang Keith 2010 in Berlin
together with the most talented singers of Europe.

The R&B singer Keith Sweat was supported by Keith Tynes at his sold out concert 2012 and 2013 in

Soul meets Rock – in July 2013 rock legend Joe Lynn Turner, singer of Deep Purple, and Keith Tynes
are singing together in Jagger Berlin. A special experience!

The large repertoire of this singer which spands from opera, blues, jazz, soul and gospel, reflects the
flexibility of this talented performer. His vocal range of 3 and a half octaves are used effectively
through all genres of music. He manages, in a very personal, sensitive, authentic way, to express his
feelings and beliefs through the music. Regardless whether Keith Tynes sings a gospel song, a love
song, a pop song, interpreting a jazz standard, or a Broadway melody, he always succeeds in
convincing his audience of his unusual gift of communication, ability to express his intention, and to be
understood through his personality.